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Just Completed 

Mega mulch job

Triple Crown in Union.

It took 16 yards of hardwood mulch and several dips in the hot tub to complete this.


Corner Bed “After”

The Links in Florence, KY.

After removing the “junk” we trimmed everything and replaced the mulch.  What an eye-catching difference.


Retaining Wall Rebuild

The Links Subdivision in Florence, KY.

Over a period of many years this wall had developed a serious “lean to”.  I witnessed this for myself as this customer is a 21 year client of our weekly mowing service.  


Retaining wall rebuild

The Links Subdivision in Florence, KY.

The wall was completely disassembled and set aside.  The area was then prepped for reconstruction and proper storm drainage.    After being rebuilt, it was then back-filled for support.  

Just Completed : Just Completed
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